Trent Fowler

Trent Fowler is an author, data scientist, blockchain analyst, business strategist, and co-host of the Futurati Podcast. As an engineer, he has worked at several early-stage cryptocurrency startups creating infrastructure, doing predictive analysis, and helping to build the company by working closely across teams and with customers.

As a professional speaker, Trent Fowler's eye-opening keynotes have tantalized audiences large and small. His most requested topics range from artificial intelligence and existential risk to cryptocurrencies and the future of business strategy.

From years of writing, speaking, and teaching Trent Fowler has honed an ability to distill complex topics like quantum computing and economics into concepts that every audience can understand and find useful.

Tom Fowler Business Strategist
"Trent Fowler has a natural ability to distill the most complex concepts into easy to understand ideas and he has fun doing it. Whenever I need to better understand an esoteric blockchain, cryptocurrency, or data science topic, I turn to Trent."

- Chitra Ragavan, former NPR correspondent and Chief Strategy Officer at Elementus


Unleashing the Quantum Computing Era 

Quantum computing is coming and will soon begin to radically transform our world. This talk is designed to show you how quantum computing will begin to transform the business landscape. Drawing on extensive research and his first-hand experience helping Techstars establish a quantum computing startup accelerator in Colorado, Trent Fowler makes the case that even though we are in the early days of quantum computing, its transformative potential will be seen sooner rather than later.
"Trent was an engaging and dynamic speaker for the Analyze Boulder data science meetup. He was unperturbed by a technical snafu on our end, and answered a wide variety of questions from our audience with clear and concise answers, clearly backed by extensive domain knowledge. I know from speaking with members of the audience that they walked away from Trent's talk with a desire to learn more."

- Stephen Coleman, Analyze Boulder

What Is The Blockchain And How Does It Work?

We need to think of blockchain as a living breathing organism that will redefine our lives.

Though talk of crypto assets, Web3, and blockchain appear to be everywhere today, there is widespread confusion about what exactly is going on under the hood.

As a former teacher, Trent Fowler has a passion and a knack for simplifying complex topics, and in this talk, he looks past the jargon and the technical details to distill the essence of the blockchain in a way that is accessible.

He recently gave this talk to a well-known company in the blockchain analytics space and received rave reviews for its clarity. If even seasoned professionals can get something from a primer like this, then your organization can too.

Whatever the size of your event or your requirements, Trent Fowler will work hard to ensure that the audience comes away with a clear understanding and the ability to ask their own questions.

Trent Fowler Blockchain Speaker
"Trent Fowler spoke at a number of Boulder Future Salon events on a wide range of topics including AI alignment and existential risks, technological change and societal institutions, and STEMpunk. Attendees told me afterwards they enjoyed the talks, found them informative, and changed how they thought about the future and technological evolution in general. We invited Trent back to give more talks."

- Wayne Radinsky, Software Design Engineer at Blue Fire Group

How Blockchain Will Become a Major Driver of Our Future

With the appearance of bitcoin just a decade ago and its subsequent meteoric rise, there has been a great deal of interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain more generally.

But given all the early optimism about blockchain's ability to transform everything from healthcare and agriculture to insurance and supply chain management, it's natural to wonder why we haven't seen more of these use cases. Is the blockchain a solution in search of a problem?

As an industry insider with deep connections and a wide range of experience, Trent Fowler is well-positioned to speak about what blockchain will be able to do and when you might expect these advances to take place.

Trent Fowler Blockchain Analyst
"Since 2019, Trent and I have worked together on the Futurati Podcast. He is a gifted speaker and a wonderful co-host as every week we dive into complex topics that will invariably be defining our future.

Trent not only has an amazing ability to grasp the nuances of each new technology being discussed but can also instantly frame out its implications in terms of industry trends, future use cases, societal impact, and overall value to society.

Every guest on our show challenges us as much as we challenge them, and this is where he truly shines. Trent is equally prepared discussing emerging technologies and business trends ranging from quantum computing, to cryptocurrency, to blockchain, and the metaverse.

Trent's overarching talent is his ability to translate complex topics into understandable examples and analogies that everyone can relate to. It has been a real pleasure working with him, and he is one of those rare talents that I'm certain will make every moment you spend with him as rewarding for you as it has been with me."

- Thomas Frey, Futurist Author and Speaker

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