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Join renowned visionary Thomas Frey and Trent Fowler as they explore artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, space exploration, quantum computing, biotechnology, and a variety of other topics of interest to futurists.

Every week, Thomas and Trent sit down with an expert for a wide-ranging conversation about the technological, social, and philosophical forces shaping the world of tomorrow.
Welcome to Futurati Podcast hosted by Thomas Frey and Trent Fowler

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Ep. 142: Privacy and data sovereignty with blockchain | Zenobia Godschalk

Zenobia Godschalk is an entrepreneur and the senior vice president of Hedera, a fully open-source public distributed ledger that utilizes the fast, fair, and secure hashgraph consensus that is pushing the frontiers of data sovereignty and privacy.

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Ep. 141: Entrepreneurship in the final frontier. | Scott Tibbitts

Scott Tibbits is a leader, inventor, and founder of both Starsys Research and The Center for Space Entrepreneurship. He was the recipient of the "Esprit Entrepreneur of Distinction" award in 1998 and is the holder of ten patents in technologies as diverse as medical devices, spacecraft products, and telecom.

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Ep. 140: The power of human ingenuity | Robert Hendershott

Robert Hendershott is a finance professor, hedge fund CIO, and evangelist for a philosophy he calls "ingenuism", the view that that human progress stems, at its core, from ingenuity - the unique human amalgamation of curiosity and ambition.

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