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Join renowned visionary Thomas Frey and Trent Fowler as they explore artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, space exploration, quantum computing, biotechnology, and a variety of other topics of interest to futurists.

Every week, Thomas and Trent sit down with an expert for a wide-ranging conversation about the technological, social, and philosophical forces shaping the world of tomorrow.
Welcome to Futurati Podcast hosted by Thomas Frey and Trent Fowler

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Ep. 163: AI and the coming cognitive revolution. | Nathan Labenz

Nathan Labenz is a technology entrepreneur, artificial intelligence analyst, and the founder and former CEO of Waymark. With a background in philosophy and a keen eye for innovation, Nathan led Waymark from its inception to its status as a trailblazer in generative AI-powered content creation. As host of 'The Cognitive Revolution' podcast, he explores the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on work, life, society, and culture from every possible angle.

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Ep. 162: Making and losing millions in crypto | Nat Eliason

Nat Eliason began as a successful marketer and the founder of Growth Machine before turning to writing full-time. He recently published "Crypto Confidential," an unfiltered, insider’s account of the hyperactive, hyper-speculative, hyper-addictive, nearly unregulated, completely insane world being built on the blockchain.

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Ep. 161: Bitcoin is resistance money | Andrew Bailey

Andrew M. Bailey is an interdisciplinary teacher and scholar whose work spans philosophy, politics, and economics. He is a Professor of Humanities at Yale-NUS College (Singapore), and he is the co-author of the upcoming book "Resistance Money: A Philosophical Case for Bitcoin."

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