Ep. 158: abstraction and agency | John Wentworth

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I'm excited to share our latest podcast episode featuring John Wentworth—an independent researcher and expert in artificial intelligence (AI) whose insights are reshaping our understanding of this rapidly evolving field.

In this thought-provoking interview, John delves into the intricacies of AI, exploring fascinating topics such as agency, teleology, and AI safety. With his extensive background as a software engineer and data scientist, John brings a unique perspective to the table, offering profound insights into the nature of abstraction and the fundamental concepts that underpin AI research.

Throughout the conversation, John's expertise shines as he navigates complex questions surrounding the nature of agency in AI systems and the ethical considerations inherent in AI development. From unraveling the mysteries of teleology to addressing pressing concerns about AI safety, John's nuanced understanding of these topics promises to captivate and enlighten listeners.

Whether you're a seasoned AI enthusiast or simply curious about the future of technology, this episode offers invaluable insights into the cutting-edge research shaping the AI landscape. Don't miss the chance to gain a deeper understanding of AI from one of the field's most insightful thinkers.

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