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Ep. 160: What makes generative AI so powerful? | Nick Frosst

Nick Frosst is a computer scientist and musician. He co-founded Cohere, which is a company focused on training large language models and making them available to everyone.

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Ep. 159: Top AI Trends for 2024 | David Shapiro

David Shapiro is a former engineer who became famous through his dozens of well-received tutorials on Youtube. He joins us to discuss the big 2024 trends in AI.

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Ep. 158: abstraction and agency | John Wentworth

After a long career as a software engineer and data scientist, John Wentworth became an independent researcher in artificial intelligence. Today, he focuses on a diverse array of topics, such as the nature of abstraction and what the word "agency" even means.

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Ep. 157: Aristotle, AI, and what philosophy offers futurism | Gregory Salmieri

Dr. Gregory Salmieri is a senior scholar of philosophy in the Salem Center, where he holds the Brigham Fellowship for the Study of Objectivism. Dr. Salmieri is the co-editor of the books "A Companion to Ayn Rand" and "Foundations of a Free Society," and author of numerous articles on philosophy, with a particular focus on Aristotle and Ayn Rand.

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Ep. 156: Algorithms won't get us to AGI | Johannes Jaeger

Dr. Johannes Jaeger is a systems scientist and natural philosopher whose investigations have always focused on organisms as complex adaptive systems. He is currently leading a research project called “Pushing the Boundaries,” which concerns the differences between machines and organisms, and the importance of this difference for evolution.

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Ep. 153: AI, Alignment, and the Scaling Hypothesis | Dwarkesh Patel

Dwarkesh Patel is a renowned podcaster who has hosted interviews with luminaries like Marc Andreesen, Eliezer Yudkowsky, and Grant Sanderson. He's best known for the extent of the effort he puts into researching the topics he speaks with his guests about, and for covering an exceptionally wide intellectual ground.

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Ep. 147: Could heuristic imperatives solve the AI alignment problem? | David Shapiro

David Shapiro is a former engineer who became famous through his dozens of well-received tutorials on Youtube. His work focuses on ensuring that advanced technologies are used safely, bringing about an abundant, post-scarcity, post-nihilistic future.

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Ep. 146: Will AI replace humans? | Peter St Onge

Peter St Onge is a Ph.D. economist in the Austrian tradition, a Mises Institute Fellow, and a former MBA professor in Taiwan. He's driven by a desire to understand how to make the world more prosperous using smart policy and technological advancements to advance freedom.

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Ep. 143: Evolution, values, and AI Safety | Quintin Pope

Quintin Pope is a computer science student and AI alignment researcher with a wealth of insights into the long-term consequences of this new technology.

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