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Ep. 155: The history of invention | Anton Howes

Dr. Anton Howes is a historian of invention. He is currently writing a book on the causes of the British Industrial Revolution, and regularly shares his research on the history of invention at his online newsletter, "Age of Invention".

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Ep. 154: How the government works (and why you should care). | Daniel Golliher

Daniel Golliher founded a civics school called Maximum New York, with the goal of bringing kind, smart, ambitious people into city and state politics, providing them with an atypical level of knowledge about how government works, and keeping them networked together.

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Should we halt progress in AI? Reflections on our interview with Zvi Mowshowitz

We sat down with Zvi Mowshowitz, a CEO, rationalist, and professional trader, to talk about his analysis of the Future of Life Institute's open letter to halt AI progress.

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This Week in AI (04/28/2023)

The AI update for April 28th, 2023 features emergence in LLMs, the implications of AI Drake songs going viral, lessons from the history of AI, and more.

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This Week in AI (04/21/2023)

The AI update for April 21st, 2023 features cognitive emulations, Sam Altman on the limits of scaling, Google and DeepMind teaming up, and Eliezer ditching alignment research for...catgirls?

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Ep. 130: Should we halt progress in AI? | Zvi Mowshowitz

Zvi is a rationalist, former trader, and past CEO of MetaMed. He recently penned an analysis of the Future of Life Institute's proposal for a 6-month moratorium on AI research, and that's what we talked to him about.

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This Week in AI (04/14/2023)

The AI update for April 7th, 2023 features a number of approaches for inspecting LLMs internal functioning, skepticism over AI doom scenarios, and China and the U.S. considering regulations on generative AI

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Ep. 129: Applying the 'security mindset' to AI and x-risk | Jeffrey Ladish

Jeffrey Ladish runs a security company called Gordian Research which provides operational security consulting services. He joins Trent to talk about the moratorium on AI research and the risks inherent in powerful cognitive technologies.

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This Week in AI (04/07/2023)

The AI update for April 7th, 2023 features more calls to slow AI progress, a conversation with Eliezer Yudkowsky on AI Safety, Germany considering a ban on ChatGPT, and self-healing software.

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