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Category: Quantum Computing

Ep. 52: Bob Coecke and Konstantinos Meichanetzidis on quantum natural language processing.

Dr. Bob Coecke and Konstantinos Meichanetzidis work on the foundations of quantum mechanics and applying quantum computing to natural language processing.

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Ep 40: Quantum computing and bringing revolutionary technologies to market with Justin Ging.

Justin Ging is Chief Commercial Officer for Honeywell Quantum Solutions, where he leads the commercialization of next-generation quantum computing systems.

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Ep 17: Kai Faust on the promise and peril of spatial computing.

Kai Faust is the CEO and Founder of Infopop, where he builds products that increase access to spatial information.

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Ep 12: Michał Stęchły on building software for quantum computers.

Michał is a Polish software engineer working on Zapata's quantum computing platform. His main interest is in so-called “variational quantum algorithms” – hybrid classical-quantum algorithms that will potentially be useful for near-term quantum computers.

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Ep 10: Nell Watson on cosmology, quantum computing, and how AI will change society.

Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson is a researcher in emerging technologies who helped to pioneer Machine Vision techniques through her company QuantaCorp, which enables fast and accurate body measurement from just two photos.

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Ep 8: Mark Jackson talks about quantum computing and its applications.

his conversation caused all of us to substantially revise our opinions about the viability of near-future commercial uses of quantum computing, and we hope you find it as thought provoking as we did.

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