Ep. 129: Applying the 'security mindset' to AI and x-risk | Jeffrey Ladish

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Artificial intelligence -- a new, productivity-boosting technology that will save flagging economic growth, or a new, powerful danger that we need to approach carefully?

AI has been in the news recently, with thousands of researchers and luminaries signing an open letter to halt research into generative language models for six months. 

This has produced a flurry of activity.

There's one camp that enthusiastically endorses the proposal, hoping that it ignites a greater appreciation of the potential downsides of AI.

There's another camp that thinks these fears are profoundly overblown, and they've been denouncing the signers as Luddites who don't understand these systems and need to get out of the way. 

We've been trying to get a handle on these issues, and we turned to Jeffrey Ladish to help us out. 

Jeffrey is a security researcher with a longstanding interest in AI safety. He joined Trent Fowler on the podcast to make the case that there are compelling reasons for building future generative models with caution. 

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