Ep. 108: Are we close to a technological singularity? | Trent Fowler

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Computing machinery is advancing at an incredible rate.
It seems like every day there's some new advance in large language models or image generation, some new conceptual breakthrough, or a human being beaten at a task that only a decade ago was thought to be too computationally intractable for a machine to handle. 
Naturally, thinkers of various stripes have extrapolated these trends into the future and imagined that there might come a 'singularity', a point beyond which our understanding of the world breaks down.
Like its counterpart in physics, a technological singularity represents a kind of inflection point, a place where the assumptions of our models simply no longer apply and there's only a limited amount we can say.
But the technological singularity is not without its critics. In this interview, Trent sits down with a few such critics to straighten out conceptual confusion and find points of agreement.  
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