Ep. 118: Could this be the next big application for drones? | Alex Bäcker

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Drones. They make good Christmas presents for young engineers, but what if they could do more?
What if you could summon a drone security escort when you're walking through the bad part of town?
What if you could set up an automated drone crew to watch for traffic jams or oil leaks? 
What if you could rent time on a drone to check and make sure the AirBnB is as nice as the pictures?
For years now I've been thinking about the many ways drones could change the world, and in this week's episode, I finally had a chance to talk to someone making it happen. 
Alex Bäcker is an entrepreneur, speaker, and technologist who invented remote mobile queueing, evolutionary marketing, and a powerful semantic search engine. His most recent endeavor is Drisit, the world’s first remote drone control and global vision platform. Introducing the shared economy to the drone industry, Drisit multiplies the value of every drone, making it available to anyone anywhere in the world and allowing you to monetize your drone fleet.
In our chat, we actually fly a real drone in real-time while conducting the interview, and Alex walks us through all the things that Drisit will make possible.

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