Ep. 104: Fixing healthcare with decentralized applications | Leah Houston

September 19, 2022
Trent Fowler

Watch our interview on decentralized applications in healthcare with Dr. Leah Houston on Youtube.

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American healthcare is broken.

Wherever you're at on the political spectrum, you almost certainly agree that there is a real problem with how we heal the sick in the U.S.

The problem is enormously complex and won't likely be solved by any one approach, but a crucial step in the right direction would be changing how physicians handle their own data.
Normally when we think about data in healthcare we're thinking about the patient data, but this is no less an issue for physicians.  
On this week's episode of the Futurati Podcast we're talking about the exciting possibility of using decentralized applications (Dapps) to solve this problem.  
Leah Houston, MD, practiced emergency medicine across the US for nearly 10 years before becoming an entrepreneur in the physician autonomy and digital privacy space.
She experienced the administrative burden of the onboarding and credentialing process first-hand, and that experience led her to start HPEC, a digital identity and credential data wallet for practicing physicians.
The HPEC wallet is a decentralized application now available on the app and Google Play stores that makes the physician the primary source of ownership and control of their professional credentials, and data.
In this episode we talk about the various ways in which this could make doctor's (and their patient's) lives much easier. 
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