Ep. 111: Human-to-human interfaces and collective intelligence | Malcolm Ocean

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Communication is everywhere.
Whether it's ordering your coffee at Starbucks, discussing a sensitive issue with a loved one, or producing an excellent podcast on emerging technologies, conveying ideas in words is a core part of the human experience.
It's such a core part, in fact, that few of us give much thought to how communication could be improved. 
Luckily, our guest this week is not one of those people.
Malcolm Ocean is a software engineer and researcher famous for having built the productivity tool Complice.
In his spare time, he thinks deeply about human communication--how assumptions are built into the way we think and speak, how they can be surfaced and examined, and how misunderstandings can be handled. 
On its own, this is significant work. If communication is truly as important as we've said, then getting better at it could increase personal happiness and effectiveness.
But Malcolm's thesis is more radical: he believes that we've barely begun to scratch the surface of how good workplace communication can be. Moreover, he makes the case that when the members of a team are really tuned in to each other's expectations, habits, and processes, they can achieve things that are far beyond what they are capable of alone. 
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