Ep. 148: Makin' it rain (with science) | Augustus Doricko

December 19, 2023
Trent Fowler

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We are thrilled to present our latest podcast episode featuring a visionary innovator in the realm of water conservation, Augustus Doricko. As the former Berkley Data Scientist turned co-founder of Terra Seco and now the head of Rainmaker, Augustus is on a mission to combat global water scarcity through groundbreaking cloud seeding and weather modification technologies.

In this compelling interview, we delve into the extraordinary world of rainmaking and the innovative solutions that promise to transform water conservation efforts worldwide. Augustus Doricko's work is at the intersection of science, technology, and environmental sustainability, offering hope for a future where water scarcity is no longer a pressing concern.

At the heart of our conversation is the use of silver iodide to harness the power of rain clouds, effectively turning them on to alleviate droughts and enhance weather predictability. The implications of this technology are profound, with far-reaching benefits for agriculture, ecosystems, and communities facing water challenges.

Join us as we explore the fascinating journey of Augustus Doricko and his dedication to ending global water scarcity. This episode invites you to witness the potential of advanced cloud seeding techniques to address one of the most critical issues of our time.

Listen to the full interview and be part of a conversation that promises to revolutionize the way we think about water conservation and weather modification. Augustus Doricko's vision is an inspiration to all who strive for a more sustainable and water-abundant future.

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