Ep. 125: Revolutionizing education with knowledge avatars | Emiliano De Laurentiis

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For decades, researchers and entrepreneurs have been trying to apply technology to education.

In everything from gamification to advanced AI tutors, there's long been a sense that new techniques and approaches could dramatically boost learning outcomes. 

And with a shortage of qualified teachers and more of the developing world modernizing all the time, there's a real need for using every tool we have available. 

Few people have been in this field for longer than tonight's guest.

Emiliano De Laurentiis is a trained cognitive psychologist with a lifelong interest in lifelong learning, and an impressive record of using technology to enhance educational outcomes. In the 80s, his "Arrakas Advantage" series was the first educational software to use chatbots. In the 90s, he launched a website that brought adaptive, student-specific learning to the internet. Today, his "Knowledge Avatars" platform is making it possible for experts in any domain to create robot tutors with the potential to educate millions of people.

In this interview, he walks us through his background and demos his knowledge avatars concept. We talk about ways in which this could be used to learn new skills, how it might scale, and what his views on the future of education are. 

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