Ep. 113: What's the state of artificial intelligence (and should we be afraid?) | Steve Kommrusch

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Artificial intelligence is exploding.
Large language models are worrying content creators, Stable Diffusion is making it possible to generate images with a brief description, and there are people talking about writing novels, creating scientific papers, or making entire movies with next-generation algorithms.
At the same time, there's a growing interest in the question of 'AI Safety'. 
This field addresses the potential problems of having a superintelligent system whose goals are not consistent with humanity's goals.
We turned to Steve Kommrusch to help us sort this out. 
Steve has joined us before to talk about AI safety, but in this interview, Trent Fowler takes the conversation deep into the weeds.
They cover challenging subjects like whether AIs are really 'thinking' or 'learning', what new advances are being developed now, and what they'll mean for the future. 
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