Ep. 133: Supercharging AI applications with SuperAnnotate | Tigran Petrosyan

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One of the biggest bottlenecks to realizing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is the vast quantities of data needed to train advanced models. The latest episode of the Futurati Podcast features an insightful conversation with Tigran Petrosyan, a physicist-turned-tech-entrepreneur and the mastermind behind "SuperAnnotate", who is addressing this topic.

SuperAnnotate is an automated annotation tool that is revolutionizing the computer vision lifecycle by accelerating data annotation and enhancing the efficiency of AI training.

Tigran's expertise in building world-class teams and creating products people love really comes through as he shares valuable insights on the importance of robust data pipelines and the impact they have on AI development. From cutting-edge technology to the real-world applications of AI, this episode covers it all.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of AI training and discover how SuperAnnotate is empowering the AI community to push boundaries. 

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