Ep. 138: There's still so much potential for web3 | Julian Rodriguez

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We are delighted to share our latest interview on the Futurati Podcast, "There's still so much potential for web3," featuring the exceptional Julian Rodriguez. A serial entrepreneur, product manager, and visionary strategist, Julian's expertise lies in spearheading teams that create user-friendly products to tackle significant challenges. In this captivating interview, we venture into the early days of crypto and uncover the exciting use cases for blockchain that ignite Julian's passion.

With a remarkable background that includes founding a disruptive venture capital-backed tech startup in the B2B food service space, Julian's journey took a pivotal turn when he joined Bitcoin Magazine in 2013, working closely alongside its co-founder, Vitalik Buterin. As a seasoned team member and advisor to several successful crypto and blockchain projects, including Ethereum, he boasts a profound understanding of the industry's evolution and untapped possibilities.

Our conversation delves into the transformative era of web3, exploring the opportunities it presents for innovation and growth. Julian's insights shed light on the unexplored potential of blockchain technology, revealing its use most exciting and far-reaching use cases.

This interview promises to be an insightful exploration of the early days of crypto and the future of web3. Julian's unique perspective as a lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation and his involvement in the birth of Ethereum offers a rare glimpse into the genesis of this revolutionary technology.

Join us as we journey through the world of blockchain, unpacking its untapped potential, and uncovering the possibilities it holds for solving global challenges.

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