Ep. 160: What makes generative AI so powerful? | Nick Frosst

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I'm excited to share the latest episode of the Futurati Podcast with you! In this episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Nick Frosst, a renowned computer scientist and musician. Nick co-founded Cohere, a company focused on training large language models and making them accessible to everyone. He also worked at Geoffrey Hinton's Google Brain lab in Toronto, where he delved into capsule networks, adversarial examples, and AI explainability.

In our interview, we cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Nick's unique background and what led him to his current projects.
  • The future of generative AI and its potential to give rise to strong AGI.
  • Nick's perspective on the current state of AI and what it takes to move the technology forward.
  • Insights from his research into cognitive science and building more robust AI systems.
  • The importance of interpretability in AI.
  • Nick's creative endeavors as a lead singer and how he integrates generative AI into his music.

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