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Ep 28: Thomas Frey and Trent Fowler on SPACs.

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) have been featured prominently in the news recently. Trent and Thomas do a solo episode exploring how SPACs are structured and what impact they might have on business.

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Ep 27: Steven Kotler on the science of peak human performance.

Steven Kolter has become famous for his work on making the impossible possible through creativity, innovation, and a unique state of consciousness called 'flow'.

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Ep 26: Thomas Moynihan on the past and future of x-risk.

Dr. Moynihan is an intellectual historian who studies how humans came to discover the idea of existential risk, and what this means for our maturity as a species.

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Ep 25: Frederick Turner on complexity, time, and the union of art and science.

Frederick Turner has spent a lifetime studying complex systems, evolution, the nature of time, epic poetry, facts, values, and aesthetics. We thoroughly enjoyed getting his perspective in this freewheeling discussion.

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Ep 23: Jungwon Byun, Andreas Stuhlmüller, and the future of research.

Jungwon Byun and Andreas Stuhlmüller are co-founders of Ought, a company which leverages advanced language models to automate open-ended reasoning, data gathering, analysis, and scholarship.

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Ep 22: Logan Thrasher Collins talks to us about synthetic biology, aesthetics, and his academic research.

Logan Thrasher Collins is a synthetic biologist, futurist, and author, the lead scientist at Conduit Computing, and a graduate student in biomedical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Ep 21: Peter Leyden on predicting the future and the world in 2100.

Renowned futurist Peter Leyden is a former editor at Wired magazine, the founder of Reinvent, and a sought-after consultant and keynote speaker. He joins us to talk about his methodology for building forecasts and what he thinks the future holds.

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Ep 20: Luca Dellanna on antifragility, ergodicity, and building a better business.

Luca Dellanna joins us to talk about how his research into adaptive systems applies across management, psychology, investing, and economics.

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Ep 15: Kristin Lindquist on rationality and decision making under uncertainty.

Kristin is a multi-disciplinary geek and fifteen year startup veteran. She is particularly interested in the intersection of epistemology, neuroscience, and nonviolence, and for the last five years has been working on her startup Rationally--what began as “Quora but with evidence-based answers” but ended up as an evidence synthesis platform for clinical research.

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